Feeld App

Feeld App – Get a Feel of Polyamorous Dating

Have you ever wondered how to it feels to be a part of a polyamorous relationship? Would you like to unleash your kinkiness without being questioned for it? Then, consider yourself lucky as there are now apps that can let you doo exactly just that. One app that is starting to gain the attention of many open-minded and kinky couples and singles is Feeld app.


  1. Join Feeld app on your own or with your partner to explore profiles of sexually curious people who wish to engage in threesome sexual experience.
  2. Hide from Facebook friends to remain invisible to them on Facebook.
  3. Use Feeld app’s SMS and secrete invitations feature secretly to keep your invites anonymous.
  4. Use heavy filters to chat with other people who share the same interests.
  5. Swipe up on profiles to love them or swipe down to dissolve a profile.
  6. Lookaround feature gives app members the chance to view their matches in the lookaround settings. The match, however, doesn’t consider distance and age factor.

Editor’s Verdict

Feeld app is an app meant for open-minded couples or singles who wish to satisfy their kinky cravings. This is available for download on both Google Play Store and iOS App store. The app allows people to explore and discover their peculiar pleasures and curiosities that go beyond the norm and those accepted by the society. Feeld opens with greeting of dating people who are open-minded and kinky.

For you to join Feeld, you will require an account for Facebook. It’s because Facebook provides a great verification system. The app is anonymous and you do not need to offer your email address. You may also edit the list of friends on Facebook during login. You may use fictitious name and Feeld doesn’t publish any Facebook activities.

The dating app isn’t exclusively for a kind of sex arrangement. You may check off the male or female, male with another male, female couple, and female with another female couple. Moreover, there are options for checking off TV, TG, and TS. For security, you may add a passcode and touch security, which is a first in dating apps.

Even if Feeld may be compared to Tinder when it comes to its functionalities, it’s basically a class of its own. The app provides considerable anonymity and privacy to users. You may be open about sexual kink or some types of polyamorous tendencies on Feeld.

Feeld is aimed for kink community. For people who are curious about kink on as a couple or on their own, Feeld is the best stop for the ones searching for alternative options like swinging or BDSM. If you’re searching for an adventure in your love life, this is the most ideal dating app suited for you. It respects the privacy of the members, but offers them to explore themselves at the same time.