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Polyamorous relationship refers to the practice of being in several intimate relationships with the consent of every person involved. A lot of people tend to compare polyamorous to swinging or cheating. However, the truth is that polyamorous dating is somewhat different.

When you cheat, you are breaking the rules. When your partner doesn’t agree or consent to including someone else in your relationship, this is considered cheating.

On the other hand, in polyamorous, everyone agrees to and knows about the involvement of others in a relationship. And while it may seem to be lacking in rules, polyamorous relationships actually stick to some tenets.

Meanwhile, swinging focuses on engaging in recreational intercourse with others. The focus of polyamorous relationships is to develop bonds to and establish a romantic relationship with several persons at the same time.

Knowing more about polyamorous and how it works can help you get a better understanding that there is no one size fits all as far as relationships are concerned.

Perks of Polyamorous Dating

Below are some of the most exciting benefits of polyamorous relationships:

No cheating

When you are part of a polyamorous relationship, you don’t have to be guilty about being intimate with several persons. But, you have to discuss limits with all partners involved. Despite being in such relationship, you cannot just sleep with anyone you want.

Chance to have several partners

Being in a polyamorous relationship means that you have the chance to love as many persons as you wish to. You don’t have to worry that you will break someone’s heart simply because you want to have a relationship with several persons. Having multiple partners can also give you the reward of engaging in more new experiences.

Better support network

Nothing is better than knowing that you have the support of the person you love. Now, you can just imagine how amazing this support is going to be if this comes from several partners. Engaging in polyamorous relationships establishes a greater support network both emotional and physical. For instance, your partner may provide physical support every time you are sick or offer emotional support when you have work issues. The primary theory of polyamorous is that when you are loved more, you can also accept love more. This will then let you become a better support system for others.

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