Ashley Madison App

Ashley Madison App – Your App for Polyamorous Experience

Gone are the days when dating norms used to be strict and steadfast. In this modern age, there is no longer a hard and fast rule when it comes to relationships and dating. This is probably the reason why different kinds of relationships have popped out, and one of these is polyamorous dating. Apps that cater to fans of polyamorous relationships or polyamory have also grown in number and among these is Ashley Madison App.


You can use and try many features in Ashley Madison. Navigating the site layout is very easy because of the friendly menu setting, including view profile and manage profile. It also has an original feature known as member feedback that gives its members the chance to rank others in nine different areas.

The extensive profile fields let users checkboxes that mark their desires and interests, including Good With Your Hands and Little Kinky Fun. There are more than 40 features that are available for use on Ashley Madison App.

Editor’s Verdict

Ashley Madison is one of the largest and best polyamorous dating apps right now. This is also considered as one of the safest and most successful online dating apps that aim to help people who want to engage in open relationships or polyamory dating.

There are millions of members in the app coming from more than 200 areas and countries, including lots of couples and singles. Ashley Madison also has plenty of discreet and unique features that you can use and while you do so, you can keep your privacy safe and protected. These are some of the best reasons why Ashley Madison app is ranked as among the best polyamorous dating apps right now.

Ashley Madison is notably simple and straightforward, with navigation and layout users can make themselves familiar with almost right away. Search is the main way to find other polyamorous couples and singles. Even though this simplicity may not always work for other dating websites, the app does this because of the extensive profile sections as well as no-nonsense communication choices such as message, IM, email, and call.

The app that was originally made in 2001 is a polyamorous dating website for people who are in a relationship or are married and are searching for several partners who are willing to take part in polyamorous dating. The website now claims to appeal to more audiences as the society is veering towards notable changes in a relationship.

All in all, there are many notable benefits to Ashley Madison, including clear navigation and layout, more than 50 million member base, and available for download in both Android and iOS. On the other hand, it also has its downsides such as lack of forum or chatroom, lack of automatic features for matching, and lack of standard option for by-month membership. So, before you engage in polyamorous dating with Ashley Madison, always check if this one suits you or not.