Down Dating App

Down Dating App – The Best App for Love and Fun

If you are looking for fun and love at the same time, Down is a dating app you shouldn’t miss. It helps you find locals nearby who like you. It also allows you to express your feelings about other people like who you like to hookup for causal relationship and whom you like to date.

Down dating app is unique in a way that it enables users to express attraction and sexual intention to someone in your Facebook friends, but in an anonymous manner. You have an option to decide who you like to get sexy with or whether the individual is girlfriend or boyfriend material. It is kept anonymous unless the same individual picks you in turn. Down dating app also offers a safe dating environment.


There are many features you can enjoy from using Down dating app. Some of these include the following:

  • Members will experience full privacy. You will only be acquainted with the ones who expressed mutual sympathy.
  • Millions of people are using Down dating app. It means that there is a high opportunity to find the one you’re looking for or for someone who matches your needs or preferences.
  • There’s an option to return to history of viewing member profiles for rating changes.
  • You can decide what type of relationship you like to get from a certain person.
  • Each day, a total of 10 new profiles are available for your reference.

Editor’s Verdict

All in all, Down dating app is a great app for those who want to experience online dating. You can join or sign up using your Facebook account. It will use your friends list and some connections on Facebook to make matches. Your profile picture on Facebook will only be visible to potential matches. You can’t also upload photos from your phone’s gallery.

You can invite every friend you like to date with or get down in a secret manner using Down dating app. People you invite will get a text message or an email saying somebody wanted to get date or down with them, but they will not have a clue that about you until they join and click the link provided. The option for a secret admirer in Down dating app lets you send a friend a text message anonymously.

Down dating app is ideal if you like to get this on with nearby individuals who also have the same interests as yours. It is also a way to search for casual hookups with some people around you. Down’s premium version unlocks other extra features and allow you to see more people. If you have had a great time, you may tell some people about this in the blog for happy endings, given that your date will agree.

So, if you want a simple but useful dating app, Down dating app is worthy of your time and money.