Tinder App

Tinder App – To Swipe or Not To Swipe?

Are you wondering which dating application can give you great results within a short span of time? Well, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Tinder gets a spot in your short list. After all, this is among the most popular dating apps you can find out there. But, how about polyamorous dating? Can Tinder also cater to this need?


  • Download Tinder App on Google Play or App Store
  • Write your short biography of less than 500 characters
  • Upload up to 6 pictures
  • Like as much 100 profiles for every 12 hours and a match is made with the two users like one another
  • Connect your Instagram and Spotify to your profile
  • Use one SuperLike every day
  • Reply to, read, and send messages to your matches

Editor’s Verdict

The premise of Tinder App is quite simple. If you are interested, you just swipe right on the photo and swipe left if you are not. If the two persons swipe right, a match will be made and then you can start sending each other messages. This is a common format for most dating apps yet Tinder has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

If you are living in a bigger city or you don’t really mind about having to drive a bit to go on dates, Tinder’s extensive user pool alone makes it worthy to try. If you travel a lot and it is part of your budget, you might want to consider upgrading for you to use the app’s Passport feature. This way, you can have dates lining up at your destination even before you finished packing for your trip.

But, as mentioned earlier, Tinder App has its own pros and cons.

First, Tinder App started the craze for swiping so it has a huge user pool. Also, even though upgrading can unlock lots of helpful bells and whistles, it is free to use this fully functioning app. Users who upgraded can also use Tinder’s Passport feature for changing location and this means that you can choose to swipe on the local singles in your chosen city. Tinder is different from other apps because it has no messaging limits. Tinder also attracts people searching for all types of relationships, ranging from casual hookups up to long term relationships and even marriage.

On the other hand, you may have a smaller queue of matches if you are not living in a large city. Unless you will be paying for an upgrade, you could just swipe right on hundred of profiles for every 12 hours. The app also has a pay scale based on age so you will have to pay more if you are more than 31 years old.

Weigh these pros and cons to decide whether you should try Tinder App or not.